Under the weather

Despite the precautions you take, it is common for your child to fall sick in his early years. Knowing what the eight common childhood illnesses are, and how to treat them may put your worries at ease

Every parent worries when his young child is not his usual, active, cheerful self. It’s probably nothing to worry about, and with luck your child will sail through childhood with nothing worse than a few sniffles and bruises. But it is better to be forewarned, so here are the eight common illnesses to look out for.

Illness #1: Common flu

Illness #2: Influenza

Illness #3: Chickenpox

Illness #4: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Illness #5: Asthma

Illness #6: Rotavirus

Illness #7: Whooping Cough

Illness #8: Meningitis